collaboration with IACC

Irish Aerial Creation Centre (IACC) is Ireland’s national home for aerial arts. As part of the Irish Arts Council’s International Residency Initiatives Scheme (IRIS), IACC has partnered with choreographer Amelia Rudolph, founder of the acclaimed vertical dance company BANDALOOP, to take on the role of mentor and creator for this project. This exciting residency exchange will see vertical dancers traveling from Ireland to train with Amelia at the BANDALOOP studios and urban walls in California. In addition, veteran vertical dancers and teachers Rachael Lincoln and Roel Seeber will join Rudolph to work with the Irish artists in both locations. In Ireland, the collaborating artists will work in the IACC near Limerick and then travel to the west coast of Ireland, near the famous Cliffs of Moher, where they continued to develop Rudolph’s new work on a stunning and wild ocean cliff.

Closeup of three women's faces with the dramatic Irish coastal cliffs in the background, on a sunny day

The IACC rigging team collaborated to skillshare and learn about vertical dancing on cliffs, using natural anchors, and dozens of pieces of climbing equipment. Jym Daly of Fidget Feet, Gary de Búit of Studio8 came to research and understand how to film in this technical, high-angle environment. The film team were joined by veteran vertical dancer and cinematographer Jessica Swanson for on-wall camerawork. This multi-year residency project focused on cultural exchange, artistic and technical skill development, creativity, and safety culture. With the support and years of experience BANDALOOP founder Amelia Rudolph brings to the project, it served to foster the vertical dance art form in Ireland. IACC were excited to be the first residency of this type for Amelia as she begins to share her knowledge with the international community of vertical dance in a new way!

IACC are exploring ways to continue the development of this project and find new funding to develop this research material into something new.

Banner Photo – Gary de Buit