Source Water

Collaboration: Source Water

Vertical dance artists Juan Leiba and Amelia Rudolph are creating a new work, Source Water, to premiere in Spain in June 2024 that dives into the elemental, environmental, and biological ways that water is our source. It investigates and celebrates how our future depends on mending the many ways we divert, subvert, and damn its life-supporting power. The new work will be presented in outdoor festival settings, in theaters, and as a dance film utilizing on and off-the-ground choreography and harnessed movement techniques that activate and are supported by an elegantly designed, transportable set. Coupled with performances, Juan and Amelia will extend the impact of the piece by offering engagement activities, especially for youth, that promote understanding, creativity, and curiosity about our human role in the ecosystem that relies on water as its source.

Collaboration with the Irish Aerial Creation Centre

Irish Aerial Creation Centre (IACC) is Ireland’s national home for aerial arts. As part of the Irish Arts Council’s International Residency Initiatives Scheme (IRIS), IACC has partnered with choreographer Amelia Rudolph, founder of the acclaimed vertical dance company BANDALOOP, to take on the role of mentor and creator for this project. This exciting residency exchange will see vertical dancers traveling from Ireland to train with Amelia at the BANDALOOP studios and urban walls in California. In addition, veteran vertical dancers and teachers Rachael Lincoln and Roel Seeber will join Rudolph to work with the Irish artists in both locations. In Ireland, the collaborating artists will work in the IACC near Limerick and then travel to the west coast of Ireland, near the famous Cliffs of Moher, where they continued to develop Rudolph’s new work on a stunning and wild ocean cliff.

Collaboration with Diavolo: Existencia

I’m contributing aerial choreography to the show Existencia. This is a collaboration between BANDALOOP and Diavolo that is stretching my skills as a choreographer in an exciting and inspiring way. 

Banner Photo – Cesar Yanez