source water

THE PROJECT: Vertical dance artists Juan Leiba and Amelia Rudolph are creating a new work to premiere in 2024 that dives into the elemental, environmental and biological ways that water is our source. It investigates and celebrates how our future depends on mending the many ways we divert, subvert and damn its life supporting power. Through dance, on and off the ground using harnessed techniques, Source Water will be shared in a range of artistic manifestations including film, demonstrations and touring performances.

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EL PROYECTO: Los artistas de danza vertical Juan Leiba y Amelia Rudolph están creando un nuevo trabajo con fecha de lanzamiento en 2024 que se sumerge en las formas elementales, ambientales y biológicas en las que el agua es nuestra fuente. Investiga y celebra cómo nuestro futuro depende de la reparación de las muchas formas en que desviamos, subvertimos y condenamos su poder vital. A través de la danza, dentro y fuera del suelo, Source Water se exhibirá en distintos formatos artísticos como películas, exhibiciones y representaciones itinerantes.

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Amelia Rudolph is an award-winning dance artist and filmmaker best known as the founder of BANDALOOP, the trailblazing dance company she led for over twenty-five years. Now an independent movement artist, Rudolph’s current work focuses on environmental themes in the context of international and civic engagement through public art.

Juan Leiba currently carries out his role as Artistic Director and founder of Nueveochenta Aerial Dance Company and the Vuela Danza Aérea School, an aerial dance company in which he is a choreographer and performer. As an artist, he has gained extensive experience working in dance companies that gave him the opportunity to create and co-choreograph, as was the case with IJAD Dance Company (London), Orphaned Limbs Collective (Wales), Brenda Angiel Aerial Dance Company (Argentina) and EnClave Dance (Madrid).

Banner Photo – Cesar Yanez