what I offer

Choreography and Performance

I have honed my skills as an artistic director and choreographer for over three decades, staging hundreds of theater and site-responsive performances around the world. With BANDALOOP, the vertical dance company I founded in 1991, my work has been presented on skyscrapers, bridges, mountains, car parks, towers and in theaters from San Francisco and peaks in the California Sierra, to New Delhi, Budapest, and the Indian Himalayan mountains. I have created 20 evening-length works and over a hundred individual dances predominantly for arts presenters but also for major corporate clients.

Along with my choreographic skills, I have cultivated a nuanced understanding of team dynamics, production logistics, as well as executive and risk management. Working in an art form where safety is essential and a growing awareness of psychological safety is changing the nature of leadership and group dynamics, the rigorous culture of safety that we at BANDALOOP have developed over the years is, and will continue to be, a hallmark of my process.

“Amelia’s breathtaking choreography is only matched by her ability to lead and grow a company.”

Andrew Dailey, Managing Director, MGI Research, LLC

Experiential Learning, Consulting, Public Speaking

Experiential Learning

I offer a range of movement and body-based workshops that weave rigorous play and restorative practices to support transformation through positive disorientation and recovery. The workshops are accessible to a range of bodies and experience levels from novice to professional and are designed to adapt to the needs of the group and the opportunities and constraints of the space. Please reach out to find a workshop that best fits your needs or explore how we can co-create a learning adventure together.

Informal Non-Profit Arts Consulting

I support artists, managers, and leaders in informal sessions to find more effective ways to nurture their vision and work efficiently. I am particularly curious about leadership development, change management, organizational strategy, value-based decision-making, and the articulation, building, and sustaining of an organization’s internal culture. These sessions, unlike formal consulting or coaching, are an opportunity for you to get an experienced, supportive outside perspective on issues or questions you have about how you are managing your organization or independent career.

Public Speaking

I thrive on exploring ways that the process of making, managing and performing high angle vertical dance can inform the challenges that other sectors face. I offer multimedia presentations that explore dance as adventure, the creative process, attunement, safety culture, risk management, as well as those inspired by questions posed by clients.

Banner photo – Jim Stone